7 Quick Tips to Stay Productive at Work

Are you struggling to stay productive at work?

Maintaining attention at work is difficult; we are all distracted or uninspired at some point during the workday. However, with so much work to complete, we frequently have little choice but to remain productive and complete the tasks at hand.

So, how can you stay focused at work and ensure that you make the most of each day?

Don’t worry, there are many ways to boost your productivity and here are my top 7 tips to stay productive at work and completing all of your work on time.

Tips to Stay Productive at Work

Here are 7 tips that you need to keep in mind to stay productive at work:

1. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking creates the illusion that more tasks can be performed since you are juggling many tasks at the same time.

But that is not true.

According to research, doing multiple tasks at a time has a negative impact on productivity and can waste up to 40% of a person’s time. Because switching between tasks disrupts your focus and concentration

Tips to Stay Productive at Work - Avoid multitasking
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If you’re loaded with work, set priorities and schedule time apart for each one. As a result, you may focus on the most important things first and still have time to do the others.

Productivity means getting the job done as quickly as possible while still producing high-quality results, so you have more time to do other tasks.

2. Write a To-Do List

It may seem ‘old-school’ to create a to-do list but it is a great way to plan out your day and get things done.

Keeping track of your tasks is easier with to-do lists.

 Stay Productive at Work- Write a To-Do List
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So, make a simple daily to-do list and assign yourself realistic tasks to do.

While making your to-do list, prioritize your tasks. Each item should be assigned an A, B, or C, with A being an absolute must-do, B might be something you like to achieve that day, whereas C could be a just-in-case-you-have-time task.

3. Break Big Tasks into Manageable Small Tasks

While making a to-do list, break large projects down into manageable chunks of work.

It’ll make things approachable and easy to do.

Better organisation leads to more efficient results.

For example, writing a lengthy report can take time, and if that’s your assignment, you may waste time worrying about where to begin. It’s much easier to get started when a daunting task is broken down into manageable small tasks.

The satisfaction you get from completing each small task and marking it off your list gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to move on to the next.

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4. Use the Right Tools

The right tools help you do your job more quickly and can also streamline your business’s overall operations.

Here are a few tools that you can use at your work to stay productive at work:

  • Slack– for team chats and collaborations.
  • Zenkit -for project and task collaborations
  • Timecamp for attendence and productivity tracking
  • Zendesk – for interacting with customers
  • Samepage – for video conferencing

5. Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized

Tips to Stay Productive at Work - Keep Your Workspace Clean and Organized
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Take some time and examine your office, closet, filing cabinet and desks to identify what stuff you require and throw out any papers that aren’t relevant.

Set aside some time to do this on a regular basis.

Finding time to clean your workplace is a terrific way to get rid of procrastination and stay productive at work.

6. Ditch the Distractions

When you think of addiction, you might think of something like alcohol or narcotics, but people are struggling to get through even a single workday without social media. That includes all of your favourite social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If your profession doesn’t require you to communicate with clients on social media, don’t use them while at work. If necessary, scan your inbox quickly during your lunch break for new messages.

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7. Take Breaks When Needed

It may be difficult to take a break from work when you have deadlines to meet. But taking breaks will help you work more efficiently.

Work in blocks of 60 to 90 minutes at a time, then take a break and refuel. You should not check your social media accounts while on break.

Take a walk or a snooze for 15 minutes to give your brain a break. It will help you stay productive at work.


We’ve narrowed down our productivity suggestions to just four important points. To increase your output, follow these steps:

  • Use your time efficiently
  • Make better to-do lists.
  • Ensure your own well-being.

Most importantly, know when to seek help.

I hope you’ve liked the tips on how to stay productive at work. If you have any other suggestions then feel free to share them in the comment section.

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