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I’m Rupi Dhindsa, the founder and author of Insta Elegant. I’m an Engineer by profession, an Educator by choice and a Blogger by passion.

I’m obsessed with learning about Financial independence, Minimalism, Personal development, Self-awareness, and Yoga.

I’m focusing on growing; in every aspect of my life. I feel no need to prove myself to the world with a forced behaviour, but rather let the gravity of my presence speaks for itself.

My purpose in life is to emit love and joy to others, simply being who I am. I believe that the simple deeds we perform with heart are much more rewarding than other outward recognition and praise.

The idea behind bringing this website is to manifest the definition of true elegance and inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to this website to grab the best of my knowledge and experiences.


Insta Elegant is a lifestyle and Personal development site that I created to encourage people to believe in levelling up in all aspects of life; continuously cultivating their personal appearance, mind and lifestyle.

We often appear to dress in a certain way, we think we should look, rather than what we love and what we pull off well. We believe that we’ll receive love and affection by doing so, while this is very artificial behaviour that leads us further away from our true selves. Seeking validation from others can send us on a never-ending journey of insecurity and doubt.

I believe that it’s time for a change; the way we think less about ourselves, the way we define beauty, the way we try to hide our imperfections under filters. It’s the time to embrace our flaws, embrace our individuality.

Being elegant is to be who you really are, to feel calm, confident and happy within, while you can still be very dynamic and creative. We are all unique and that’s the beauty of this world.

On this platform, I’ll share guidance and knowledge about how to live intentionally and authentically, allowing ourselves to love and be loved.

♦  Mission -To inspire people, embrace their individuality.

♦  Vision -To empower people, become the best version of themselves.

♦  Values – Quality, Integrity, Purpose

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